Dear friends,

Firstly, we’d like to say a huge thank you to all of you who have supported ReVive’s previous fundraising campaigns. We’re tremendously grateful for you all as your generosity has helped us purchase the original house and maintain the current work with the girls. Not to mention the ‘regular’ fundraisers each Christmas and for specific needs such as the car last year. We really do value your support.

With that in mind, we’ve just launched a fundraising campaign to try and raise £30,000 so that we can build an extension to the existing first floor at the ReVive house. If you can support this in any way then we would be extremely grateful. You can give online here or see below for other ways of giving. Check out the short video below for more details…

Extension Details

ReVive is currently at capacity with a total of 10 girls living at the house. Over the years, as ReVive has continuously worked at or close to capacity, we’ve noticed the need for more living space at the house. During the week there are around 20 people living and working at ReVive and we’re constantly pushed for space to accommodate all the different activities that need to go on. We have this opportunity to extend the current first floor which should provide us with an extra three rooms:

  • A Large ‘Multi-Purpose’ Room: At 37m2 this will be the largest room in the house which will be able to be used for large group activities. We plan to put mirrors along one of the walls and a hand rail so that the room can be used as a dance studio for dance and drama classes. A video projector will allow us to show movies etc and it will also be a perfect place for large staff meetings and training sessions.
  • A Therapy Room: One of the areas that ReVive doesn’t currently have is a reserved, private room used exclusively for psychological therapy sessions with the girls and their families. This is fast becoming a legal requirement and so far we’ve ‘made do’ with what we currently have. So, one of the rooms will become a dedicated therapy room for this important area of ReVive’s work.
  • Multi-use Room: We could use the final room as another office – we currently have six people squeezed into one small office – but we also need a meeting room for when we have visitors and visits from the local government and the Judge’s office. There is also the chance of using this room as another bedroom but there’s currently no plans for raising ReVive’s capacity due to the living space problem!

Our architect has already drawn up the plans (see picture below – the bits in red are the new extension) and the builders are ready to go. Now, we just need to raise the funds…


How to Give? 

If you’d like to contribute and help us reach our £30k target then you can do so in a number of ways:

1. Bank Transfer – You can transfer or deposit your donation straight into ReVive’s charity account. Just email us at to let us know and make sure you fill in and return a Gift Aid Declaration form if you’re a UK tax payer. You can download the form here. Our bank details are:

HSBC    Sort Code – 40 47 31     Account Number – 84478460

2. By Cheque – You can send a cheque made payable to ‘Revive International’ to 12 Bishops Way, Badger Hill, York YO10 5JG. Remember to send us a gift aid declaration if you’re a tax payer.

3. Online – You can also give online via a credit/debit card. You can also gift aid your donation. You can give online by following this link. Do drop us an email so we can say thank you!

If you have any worries or questions then please do get in touch!

Thank you all very much for your support.

One thought on “ReVive Extension Campaign

  1. Great news, and enjoyed the videos. I sent a cheque for the extension to
    York a week or so ago, and your dad acknowledged it. Will send another
    shortly, but giving at the end of the U.K. tax Year has left the cupboard
    bare just now. Will tighten the belt and be in touch soon.
    Meantime, hope your time in the UK is proving beneficial, and that you are able to pursue your studies as you would wish. Glad you saw Alyson
    inParis. The Lord bless you both and the children

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