Where it all began

If you saw Andy and Rose speak whilst they were in the UK, then you might have heard them tell a story about three sisters that they met. These sisters, aged 8, 10 and 12, had all been forced into prostitution by their own Mother. The 12 year old told them of how she had been kidnapped and had spent two weeks locked in the guy’s bedroom. She had escaped, only to return to a Mother who sold her each evening. At the time there were no projects or NGOs working with these girls – their Mother denied all wrong-doing to the authorities – there was nothing more that could be done. This has been one of the many motivations to set up ReVive, to be able to help young girls just like those sisters; so that no young girl trapped in prostitution or abuse needs to hear the words ‘Sorry, but there’s nothing we can do.’ Thanks to ReVive, and other similar organizations, now we can do something.

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