Just before I returned to Brazil, three of the girls from ReVive had their hearings with the judge. Our team had worked with all of them and their families. We were pretty confident that two of them would be able to move on to new family members – away from the previous abuse that they had suffered – but we were worried about the third girl, she had come from a very abusive family and our attempts at finding other family members hadn’t yet been successful. We were slightly concerned that the judge might try to send her back to her abusive parents. Thankfully, she spoke up during the hearing and said she didn’t want to go back due to the abuse that she had suffered – so, she’ll be staying with us for the meantime while we continue to try and find a better place for her.

The other two were restored to new families – our team will continue to work with them over the next few months to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Two more lives restored and hope renewed!

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