At the end of July Cyntya Verçosa, a local Brazilian fashion designer, organised a big cycling event (all the range at the moment here in Brazil!) and asked that people would donate some non-perishable foods to ReVive. This week she came to visit ReVive to personally deliver the 100kg+ worth of food that they raised! This is more or less what we use in a month for the girls so it’s saved our food shopping bill! She had heard about ReVive from a friend and was planning on doing this as a ‘one off’ but she was so impressed after visiting ReVive and meeting the girls that she would like to do one of these events each month for ReVive! Great news.

We were very honoured to be selected for this event and we’re thrilled that Cyntya is now a local supporter and can hopefully mobilise even more people to get behind ReVive.



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