Gift List for New House

Fundraising Campaign Launch

We’re launching a little fundraising campaign so we can begin to transform the new house into a home for 12 children from 0 – 6 years old.

They will come to ReVive due to being abandoned or from abuse suffered from their families.

They will stay with us until they’re able to return to their biological family or to a new family via adoption.

The house warming list can be found here or a copy can be viewed below. We will need to raise around £10,000 ($12,500) to get everything on the list.

Please help us if you can

Gift List

Dining Room/Living RoomBrazilian Reais (R$)UK Pound (£)US dollar ($)
Dining Table + chairsR$3,500£700$875
Support TableR$500£100$125
Rocking Chairs (x3)R$2,000 (total)£400 (total)$500 (total)
Sofa (x3)R$2,500£500$625
Armchair (x2)R$700£140$175
Rubber floor tilesR$500£100$125
Kids High Chair (x4)R$300£60$60
Dinner set (plates, cups, cutlery etc…)R$500£100$125
Bean bags (x4)R$150£30$37

Geladeira R$2,500£500$625
Microwave R$350£70R$87
Water Fountain R$800£160$200
Food Processor R$100£20$25
Rubbish BinR$50£10$12

Chairs (x19)R$400£80$100
Bean bags (x3) R$100£20$25

Kids bunk beds (x4)R$1,500£300$375
Cots (x4) R$500£100$125
Bed sheets / Pillows (x12) R$1,200 (total)£240 (total)$300 (total) 
Sofa Bed R$1,800£360$450

Shower (x3)R$60£12$15
Mirrors (x3) R$150£30$37

Air Conditioning Unit (x6)R$12,000 (total)£2,400 (total)$3,000 (total) 
Computer/Laptop (x6)R$1,500£300$375
Data Projector (x2)R$1,800£360$450

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