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Welcome Catalyst 2020 attendees! You might have heard about ReVive’s work through the conference, we appreciate you coming to check us out.

We are looking for other like-minded individuals and churches who are passionate about restoring lives and renewing hope amongst vulnerable and abused children in Brazil, and seeing them placed back into loving families – where they belong!

ReVive currently runs two safe homes, one just for girls from 7 – 16 years old, and another one for boys and girls from 0 – 7 years old. They are well looked after in these homes but we are passionate about putting these children back into families either through family reintegration or adoption.

Fostering does not exist in our part of Brazil – we are currently pioneering a project so that vulnerable children who need to come into care are placed into well prepared families rather than institutions. We hope that in time all the care homes will be able to transition to family-based methods of care rather than institutions. We are engaging with the local church about their important role in both adoption and fostering.

Do you want to see that too? We want to hear from you! Fill out the form below or follow the link to see how you can support our work. Thanks!

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