Market Fundraising Campaign

We’re almost ready to launch our first Community Market in Aguazinha. We’ve established partnerships with Quitandaria, a supermarket that specialises in fruit and veg, who will provide us with their surplus food through the organisation Brasil Sem Fome. Recife also has a central food bank, SESC, who we have signed up with and will provide food that is likely to be dry goods and staples, such as rice, pasta and beans.

Now that we know we will receive food, we can commit to investing in the project further. Our next steps are to prepare the room in Aguazinha where the market will run. We will quality control the food that we collect, display it for easy selection for those that come, serve drinks and snacks, and create an environment in which relationships can grow and people feel comfortable asking questions and seeking advice.

We have some basics but if you feel able to help by buying a specific item or two, we would so appreciate this and will mean we can get the market up and running pronto!

The list can be viewed below. We will need to raise around £2,770 ($3,670) to get everything on the list.

Please help us if you can

Gift List

ItemBrazilian Reais (R$)British Pounds (£)US Dollars ($)
Food Storage
Food CratesR$1,350£205$270
Shopping BasketsR$135£20$28
Industrial FridgeR$6,000£900$1,200
Industrial FreezerR$4,400£665$875
Reusable Shopping BagsR$845£130$170
Coffee MachineR$150£23$30
Water DispenserR$600£90$120
Baking TraysR$150£23$30
Fixtures & Decorations
Indoor PlantsR$250£38$50
Market BannerR$230£35$45
Plant PotsR$300£45$60
Gardening ToolsR$800£120$160
Volunteer T-shirtsR$500£75$100

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